During their lifetimes, most pets require some type of surgical procedure, whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, or something more complex like an orthopedic procedure. The caring, compassionate and highly trained staff at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital is ready and able to serve all of your pet’s surgical needs with care and attention. Our veterinarians are skilled in the most modern veterinary surgical techniques and our technicians and care team are always on hand to ensure each patient’s safety and comfort – before, during and after every surgical procedure.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a clean, safe environment in which we perform a range of surgical services, including spay and neuter surgeries, soft tissue surgeries such as the removal of dog fatty tumors and orthopedic procedures. Every precaution is taken to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort, both during the surgery and in the post-operative recovery. Our trained veterinary nurses continuously monitor your anesthetized pet visually and electronically during every surgical procedure. We also provide pain control medications to all of our patients to ensure that they are comfortable during their hospitalization.

Depending upon the procedure, we may keep your pet overnight for a post surgical examination the following morning. You are welcome to visit your pet after surgery. Once your pet is discharged and you’re ready to bring them home, we will work with you to answer any of your questions, discuss your concerns and, if necessary, implement an appropriate pain management plan to help your pet recover as comfortably as possible.

Pet Anesthesia

By using the most modern anesthetic agents, we strive to make anesthetic procedures extremely safe for your pet. We use sevoflurane (the same pain medication used in human hospitals) as our gas-inhalant anesthetic. We also have a variety of injectable anesthetic agents that allow us to adjust our protocol based on your pet’s age and unique health risk factors. We require that all pets undergoing a surgical procedure have a pre-anesthetic blood screen. This test helps us determine whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery, which significantly enhances safety.

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) Surgery

Dr. Robert Quindt performs Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) surgery on dogs and cats. This surgery corrects lameness associated with damage to cranial cruciate ligaments known as anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL injury in humans. The same precautions are taken during this procedure as those used in our other surgeries. If you would like to learn more about this procedure, please visit