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Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jamie is one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians (LVT), working in the hospital/surgical area as well as in the exam rooms. She has lived in Washington her whole life, growing up with a plethora of cats, some mice, fish and a stray dog that hung around for a month. Horseback riding being one of Jamie’s favorite activities when she was young, she worked as a stable hand in Snohomish and helped with the pony program at Farrel McWhirter Park. In high school, she attended Sno-Isle Vocational School, taking their Veterinary Assisting and Grooming course. Jamie always knew she wanted to work with animals, but wasn’t sure in what field. 

Being interested in medicine, Jamie applied at various veterinary hospitals around the Monroe and Woodinville areas and was fortunate to land a position at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital. Jamie started her career at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital in 1996 as a receptionist, working her way up to assistant, and then earning her technician license in 2002. She is a self-declared ‘dental nerd’ and will be starting a 2-year program to become specialized in dentistry in January of 2013. She also has an interest in animal behavior and pain management.

Jamie shares her life with Joey and her son Nathan, as well as Cammie, an Australian Shepherd mix, Lady, a miniature long-haired dachshund, Jack, a domestic long-haired cat, Fluffy, a domestic long-haired cat, Ernie, a North American three-toed box turtle, and Ursula, a Russian tortoise. In her free time, Jamie enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, dancing (swing dancing and flash mobs), photography, reading, riding her bike and watching ‘B’ movies.

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Photo of  Jamie


Practice Manager

Dorothy has worked at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital since August 2006 – She spent most of her time here working with Dr Laura Quindt as her “right hand person” and began managing the hospital in September of 2014.

Dorothy had a wonderful cat named Riki Lee that used to spend her time sleeping in a pink cat bed at the front desk – Riki retired with Dorothy’s mother to a campground in Arizona for the last few distinguished years and she made it to 20 before she passed on! Considering Dorothy initially requested to adopt the oldest cat available at a shelter in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – “to make it’s last few years really nice…” Having an additional 11 years beyond the 9 she was adopted at was pretty good for Riki!

Dorothy spends much of her off time with her friends and their families and is actually going back to school as of 2017 to get that degree. Oh no, schoolwork! She reads anywhere from 10 to 15 books weekly and she’s joined a Dungeons and Dragons group as well as a group that plays Magic: The Gathering… So she will acknowledge she’s reached a level of geek status.

Photo of  Dorothy


Customer Care Representative

Alex is a staff member that joined us in October of 2015 – She has a beautiful daughter, and is enjoying her work here helping the animals. She’s especially fond of the puppies and kittens that come through our doors, they make the work worthwhile!

Photo of  Alexandra


Veterinary Assistant

Michelle joined our team from her former job with Starbucks back in 2015, and we’re very glad she’s with us! She’s on our inventory management team, she’s the proud parent of a young and enthusiastic pit bull named Blue, and is spending much of her spare time training for a Marathon! She amazed us all by running her first half marathon in 2016 on a spur of the moment “just because” decision – and finished it like a champ!

Photo of  Michelle


Veterinary Receptionist

Todd has been with Cottage Lake Vet for 11 years, and is the glue that holds the reception area together! He’s a client favorite, and a friend to all of the dogs and cats that come in the door. Prior to his good work here at the hospital, he worked on a Dude Ranch in Wyoming. Todd enjoys good movies (and bad movies!) and video game time with friends and road trips – though admittedly it’s been a while since his last road trip adventure to San Diego!

Photo of  Todd



We’re happy Erin joined the Cottage Lake Vet staff in September of 2016. She and her husband have several fur-babies, including a dog named Pizza Roll, and a cat named Gator Mama. She’s a talented artist, painter and can create amazing balloon creatures!

Photo of  Erin


Veterinary Assistant

Justin has been a member of our care team since May of 2014.  He is a recent graduate of the PIMA Veterinary Assistant program, and has been a great addition to our team. He’s an avid bowler, a great baker (we can’t resist the treats he brings in for us!) and really enjoys working with our clientele and their pets.

Photo of  Justin


Veterinary Assistant

After 18+ years of working at home, Cynthia wanted to go back to work.  All of her pets have been patients at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital, and when a receptionist position at the Hospital became available, she jumped at the opportunity.  After a year of working as a receptionist, Cynthia has now moved into a veterinary assistant role at the Hospital, and is enjoying working more directly with patients.  Cynthia has always loved animals, growing up with cats and chinchillas.  Currently, she has five cats, one dog, and two rabbits.  She loves spending time with her husband and four children, two of whom live in Seattle, one in college, and one still living at home.  In her spare time, she loves gardening, reading, and watching her son play baseball.

Photo of  Cynthia


Veterinary Assistant

Laurie has been with us here at Cottage Lake Vet for 11 years, she’s an exam room technician and can really do it all! She has several geriatric poodles that take up her off time with walks and grooming and they’re doted on very well!

Photo of  Laurie


Customer Care Representative

Ashley joined us in September of 2015, she works with us part time while she’s attending WSU! She’s interested in pursuing Animal Sciences as a degree, and she’s learning quite a bit while working with us. She’s also our main “floater” employee as she really does do it all, from reception work at the front desk, to technician work in the rooms with the Doctors as well as holding animals for nail trims and procedures in our surgical area! She’ll be applying to Veterinary School soon and we’re all supportive of her hard work and great grades!

Photo of  Ashley