Dr. Ernie’s Thanksgiving Day Menu for Dogs

The vets and staff at Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital wish you and your furry friends a Happy Thanksgiving and want to remind everyone to not feed their dogs or cats gravy, skin/fat, bones, chocolate or nuts.  The Cottage Lake Vets would prefer you follow the receipe below if you want to give your pets a special Thanksgiving meal.

The Dr. Ernie’s Thanksgiving menu is for a 20-50 pound dog, you should reduce or increase portion size accordingly.  Remember this replaces their regular meal!

Salad:  Spinach, baby carrots (4), and apple cubes ( 6 1.5″ cubes)

Main Course:  Turkey, roasted breast meat without the skin (2 oz.); Cooked sweet potato (1/4 of large sweet potato-no butter or sweet topping); Green beans (1/2 cup)

Dessert:  Canned pumpkin (1/4 cup-no spices);  Plain Graham crackers (1/2 sheet or 2 crackers);  Honey (1/2 tsp).

Happy Thanksgivng!

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